Privacy Policy

1. General

1.1. Principles of Data Use (Principles) apply to TeamSpirit and every person who joins the TeamSpirit loyalty program.

1.2. The Principles determine how TeamSpirit may use Customer Data in connection with the provision of offers to the Customer and provide information on important issues related to the use of Data.

1.3. The Principles are an integral part of the Loyalty Program. TeamSpirit refers to the Principles when concluding the Loyalty Program Agreement with the Client and allows the Client to become familiar with the Principles. The Principles are part of the Agreement and TeamSpirit has the right to assume that the Customer is aware of the Principles.

2. Concepts

2.1. Customer - any person who joins the TeamSpirit loyalty program.

2.2. Data- Personal data of the Customer or other data related to the Customer that became known to TeamSpirit in connection with joining the loyalty program;

2.3. Anonymous data - information that cannot be associated with a specific Client, as the Client's identifying information has been removed from the data;

3. TeamSpirit Data Protection Principles

3.1. TeamSpirit uses the Data in the manner stated in the Principles and only for the purpose for which TeamSpirit collected the Data and to the extent necessary to fulfill this purpose. When using Data, TeamSpirit is based on the Personal Data Protection Act and other laws (hereinafter: Legislation) and good business practices.

3.2. TeamSpirit considers the Client's privacy and Data protection very important, using the necessary organizational, physical and IT security measures to ensure the integrity, availability and confidentiality of the Data. These measures include the protection of employees, information, IT infrastructure, internal and public networks, as well as office buildings and technical equipment. The goal of security activities is to apply an appropriate level of information protection, mitigate risks and prevent threats.

3.3. TeamSpirit employees are subject to Data confidentiality and protection requirements and are responsible for fulfilling these obligations. Data processors authorized by TeamSpirit are obliged to ensure compliance with the same rules for their employees, and they are responsible for meeting the requirements for Data use.

4. Data collection

4.1. TeamSpirit offers Customers the Loyalty Program and offers related to the program. The composition of the Data collected by TeamSpirit about the Customer dependstherefore on which specific parts of the Loyalty Program are used, which Data is necessary to use for their offer, to what extent the Data is transmitted by the Customer to TeamSpirit for this purpose, and which consents the Customer gives to TeamSpirit for Data processing.

4.2. TeamSpirit collects Data in the following ways:

4.3. TeamSpirit receives Data from the Customer when joining the Loyalty Program, subscribing to the newsletter, etc.;

4.4. Data is generated when the Customer uses the Loyalty Program and it is necessary to fulfill the Loyalty Program, Data processing is based on the Customer's consent;

5. Use of data to ensure loyalty program

5.1. To identify the customer

5.2. To provide the Customer with Loyalty Program discounts or to carry out activities necessary for the sale of goods (including the sale and delivery of Services and/or goods and the transmission of information about Services and goods to the Customer);

5.3. To better serve customers, to measure usage activity or customer satisfaction, and to develop Services and business;